With a new year comes new changes, and if for you that means a new career in the tech industry, then polish up that resume because the Tech Career Expo is just two months away. Held in Austin, TX on March 8 and 9, the Tech Career Expo is the premier job fair, showcasing the best tech jobs and career opportunities available.

We have a fantastic and continuously growing list of exhibiting companies who will be on the lookout for top talent this March, and to help you get a better feel for what to expect, our first round of companies have shared the special skills and experience they will be keeping an eye out for.

So far, more than half of our exhibiting companies listed experience with Java as one of the most sought after skills in a job candidate.  After Java, a large majority of our companies are looking for people who know their way around Ruby on Rails, Python and Linux. Our exhibiting companies are also hoping to find people with experience in software engineering, iOS and mobile development, HTML and CSS. What’s more, this first round of exhibiting companies have a total estimate of more than 1,100 positions to fill.

If you’ve got what these companies want, then be sure to sign up for the Tech Career Expo. Pre-registration is free and helps us to provide job opportunities that better fit you.


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